Colorful outdoor photo-shoots to capture wonderful holidays

Think less like a photographer, and more like an artist. Great landscape photographers are much like great painters. The artistic components of the setting, such as light, color, texture, form and composition are painter’s tools. The more you see the world around you as a canvas, the more you will compose your landscapes photos as an artist. It is how you use your eye to compose what is in front of you. It is learning how to see and judge light. It is capturing the emotions you feel as an observer and sharing it with others.


How can I take better landscape photos?

  • Learn how your camera works – Learn about depth of field, shutter speed, ISO and the relationship between all three. Learn how focal length can change the background of a scene and why a longer lens is better for portraits. Learn about light balance and why, for example, shooting for tungsten light in daylight makes things look blue. Learn about a histogram and how to read one.
  • Learn about art – Complimentary colors and contrasting colors and when (or if) you can mix them. Learn about negative space and how to use it to bring attention to your subject. Rule of thirds, golden ratio, and lines of flow; learn how they work to make a picture dynamic and interesting.
  • Style More Specifically Your Style – What do you want your pictures to say? What is the feeling you want to evoke in the viewer? Peaceful? Passionate? Anger? Joy? The difference between a good photograph and a great one is the emotion the view feels about the picture. The emotion does not have to be intense or overwhelming but the viewer should at least feel something.

What are the criteria to get the best landscape photo?

  • Timing
    usually clicking pictures during the golden hour will provide the most attractive lighting. This is the hour after sunrise and hour before sunset.

  • Location
    finding an awesome location to take a picture of always helps.

  • Lens
    Wide, Ultra wide, or even fisheye lenses are the best for landscape images.
  • Camera Settings

What makes landscapes interesting is the amount of details & all the large & small, close and far. In order to maximize the depth of field of the image and sharply capture all the detail, the aperture needs to be as small as it can be f22+.

  • Other Gear A tripod and/or remote shutter release would be nice to reduce camera shake.

  • Tilt-shift Lenses The Best Area For Interesting outdoor photo-shoots In St Thomas

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