What to Expect When Ordering a Wedding Album

Learn-how-to-make-a-wonderful-wedding-albumOnce the champagne is gone, the music stops, and the guests have left, you’ll only have memories of your wedding day. A wedding album will immortalize those moments, making you feel it was only yesterday you said “I do.”

Determining a Wedding Album Budget

What should you expect to pay for a wedding album? A solid budget is at least £350, though you may pay more depending on what you order and who your photographer is. This does not include the rates for the actual photography on your wedding day, which can range from £900 to over £2500 per day.

Now, the price tag may seem outrageous at first glance, but it covers quite a bit.

First, a photographer will charge you for both materials and printing fees as well as the labour put into making the album. Second, in order to make enough profit to sustain their business, they will charge a markup of anywhere from 2.5 to 3 times the actual costs.

So, draft a budget that you can afford, but remember that the best wedding album packages will cost more.

Finding the Right Album

Once you have your budget, you should have a conversation with your wedding photographer. In fact, it is a good idea to find a few different photographers so you can compare rates and quality. Most photographers have websites where you can view their rates and portfolios ahead of time, so you can eliminate anyone who is out of your budget or whose style you dislike.

The first thing your wedding photographer will go over with you are the prices of the shoot and what comes with the package. You should ask to see an example wedding album to flip through. Don’t be afraid to ask what options there are in the design of the album. A professional photographer will work with you to provide a unique and personalized way to remember you big day. Take a look online at some examples, for a full wedding album which is personalized to you you can see some of the wedding album packages provided by Lee Glasgow Wedding Photography Warwickshire where albums start from £187.00.

After the Wedding

Your photographer has likely shot hundreds of images, but not all of them will make it into your wedding album. He or she will take the best shots and edit them. From there, you’ll sit down with your photographer to choose the pictures you like best to include in your album.

Often during this step, you’ll view these photos digitally, and you’ll notice the photographer’s watermark on them. This watermark is to prevent clients from stealing the photos without paying for them. Don’t worry–the mark will be removed in the final product.

How Long Will You Wait?

Digital proofs of your photos should start arriving around a month after your wedding. A traditional album should arrive within a few weeks to two months after you decide which photos to include.

A professional photographer will respond to your requests in a timely manner and give you concrete details about when you will receive your photos. Don’t wait until after the wedding to start asking these kinds of questions.

Is it Worth the Cost?

Having a wedding album is as much of a tradition as tossing the bouquet. A physical album is a keepsake you can display in your home and show to your future children. It is well worth the cost for a quality album.

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